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Nissan Skyline GT-R. Die Erste Generation des Skylines war unter dem Namen PGC10 bekannt, welcher im August das erste Mal. Zentimeter hinzurechnen. Weil Wände und Decken nicht immer ganz gerade sind, empfehlen wir Ihnen, sowohl im Hinblick auf die Breite als auch auf die. Osaka Japan Skyline Black als Premium Poster bei artboxONE kaufen - Watercolor art print of the skyline of Osaka, Japan. Gerahmte Bilder; Tokyo Japan Skyline. Previous. Tokyo Japan Skyline - Gerahmtes bild - Wohnzimmer. Tokyo Japan Skyline - Gerahmtes bild - Schlafzimmer. TAMIYA 1/24 Nissan Skyline GTR (Japan Import) bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel.

Skyline Japan

Zentimeter hinzurechnen. Weil Wände und Decken nicht immer ganz gerade sind, empfehlen wir Ihnen, sowohl im Hinblick auf die Breite als auch auf die. Gerahmte Bilder; Tokyo Japan Skyline. Previous. Tokyo Japan Skyline - Gerahmtes bild - Wohnzimmer. Tokyo Japan Skyline - Gerahmtes bild - Schlafzimmer. Das „Content Creator Pack: Modernes Japan“ bringt ein einzigartiges, von japanischer Architektur inspiriertes Flair mit 20 Gebäuden und sechs. Liken Sie uns und erhalten Sie Angebote und Master Slots. Sie erhält dadurch ein mattes Finish. Um sowohl Breite als auch Höhe anzugeben die am häufigsten verwendete Option lassen Sie dieses Feld unmarkiert. Sport Auto vom Senden Abbrechen. Für dieses Produkt wurde noch keine Bewertung oder Rezension abgegeben. Wir schauen uns jetzt an wie sich die Modellreihe von Nissan mit den Jahren entwickelte.

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Wir senden Ihnen Ihr Paket innerhalb von 1—2 Tagen zu: Ihre Tapete wird sorgfältig in einer robusten Wellpappeschachtel verpackt und innerhalb von 1—2 Tagen versendet — und zwar immer kostenlos. Indem Sie diese Website nutzen, erklären Sie sich mit dieser Verwendung einverstanden. Empfohlen Ihr Gerät sollte diese Anforderungen erfüllen, um das beste Ergebnis zu Beste Spielothek in Eching finden. Einkauf fortsetzen Zur Kasse gehen. Liken Sie uns und erhalten Sie Angebote und Anregungen. Tokyo Japan Skyline. Skyline Japan Skyline Japan Zertifizierter Onlineshop. Auch interessant Zum 50ten ein Sondermodell. Wir wollen nur zufriedene Kunden. Mehr anzeigen. Weitere Informationen über unsere gerahmten Drucke. Altersfreigabe USK ab 0 Jahren.

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Paul Walker Visits Famous Nissan Skyline GT-R Tuner Mine's in Japan 1/43 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 V Spec 2 White (japan import) bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Neben der Optik sorgt bei Skyline-Fans die Technik für Freudentränen. Zusammen mit den Japan-Spezialisten von MPS Engineering frisierte. Japan skyline: Haben wir! Entdecke unser einzigartiges, handgefertigtes Sortiment, um etwas zu finden, das du deiner Sammlung von Unikaten hinzufügen. Das „Content Creator Pack: Modernes Japan“ bringt ein einzigartiges, von japanischer Architektur inspiriertes Flair mit 20 Gebäuden und sechs. In Octoberthe S was introduced. Price, USD any - any As of October 16,sales of the Nissan Skyline coupe reached units. The station wagon bodystyle was discontinued, and replaced by the Nissan Stagea. This success led to the Australian motoring press nicknaming Beste Spielothek in Weidehof finden car Godzilla due to it being a "monster from Japan". Nissan Glorias and Laurels also used the L series engines, as well as some diesel Laurel only variants. Nissan engineers also found other ways to reduce weight, even by a few grams. Nissan Skyline Toyota Supra.

Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. Estimate the price of the vehicle s based on your destination. Note : In some cases the total price cannot be estimated.

Change search options. Cars Per Page: 25 50 75 Add to Favorites. Location: Japan Yokohama. Stock Id: EF Location: Japan Hakata. Stock Id: ZG Stock Id: ER Stock Id: FG Location: Japan Nagoya.

Stock Id: JT Stock Id: KS Stock Id: BT Location: Japan Kobe. Stock Id: ZE Stock Id: SD Stock Id: GP Stock Id: MB Location: Japan Osaka.

Stock Id: LE Stock Id: RR Stock Id: NV Stock Id: XS Stock Id: JP Stock Id: UY Stock Id: XU Stock Id: PV Stock Id: BS Stock Id: HB Stock Id: JY Stock Id: KE Stock Id: RP Stock Id: NR A Glance to Nissan Skyline Background Since , Nissan is engineering, manufacturing and marketing distinctive edition of sports cars, compact cars and compact executive cars.

Initially, Shinichiro Sakurai is used to design and structure different models of Nissan Skyline cars and till those model has an influential perspective.

All the interested parties and buyers need to know that Nissan Skyline is introduced and launched in the format of Coupe, crossover, sedan body style, convertible and plus station wagon.

After a decade, these edition become familiar and recognized for their tail lights and trademark round brake. Most of the Nissan Skyline edition is conceptualized on the layout of rear-wheel drive coupled with four-wheel drive.

So far, company has launched eleven unique and innovative generation on the theme of Skyline automobiles. The upgraded version are equipped with more powerful and efficient engines such as 3.

The brake- and tail-lights were modified to square units, but now included dual units for both the left and right side of the vehicle.

As the Skyline was now a Nissan product, it was repositioned above the Bluebird as a more sport-oriented sedan and coupe, while the Bluebird remained more economical.

Its appearance shows some resemblance to the earlier Fiat , designed by Pininfarina. The chassis was already designed to fit a straight six, to avoid the S54 extension problem.

In March the lineup was expanded to include a four-door GT-X sedan. It used the 2. The cars were stripped of unnecessary equipment to be as light as possible for racing, and performed well at the track.

The C generation was produced from through The C was more fussy in its styling than its predecessor, particularly so in wagon form, where unusually for a wagon design, no windows were fitted between the C and D pillars.

The styling also influenced a smaller, more affordable two-door coupe, called the Silvia , introduced in Nissan introduced its emission control technology, primarily consisting of fuel injection on trim packages ending with an "E", using the moniker Nissan NAPS also in The ads were highly successful and perhaps as a result the C was sold in very large numbers in Japan.

It sold just as well in Australia in a 2. The oil crisis saw many people preferring economy cars and high-performance sports cars were looked down upon.

It was not officially exported anywhere, although Nissan contemplated exporting to Australia. This line continued through A rare variant would be the wagon version, which had a unique styling treatment behind the rear doors, of a much smaller window than usual between the C and D pillars.

The Skyline received an internal and external facelift in late , [15] which led to a change of the model code from to This was also when the Skyline first appeared in several European export markets, such as Germany.

As usual with Japanese cars of this period, there were four- or five-speed manuals and a three-speed automatic, with a column-shifted three-speed manual available on lower end cars and vans.

The "T" designation on the L16T and L18T does not signify a turbocharger was included; it denotes that those engines came with twin carburetors.

The L-series engines were all switched to the cross-flow Z-series in late , although the L16 soldiered on a little longer in the commercial versions.

The larger 2. In June the two-liter, fuel injected inline-four Z20E engine was added to the lineup, as was the 2.

The names were brought into line with the home Japanese and worldwide markets with the launch of the R30 series in August , which was built on a C31 Laurel platform.

Unlike preceding generations, four- and six-cylinder versions now shared a front end of the same length. In all, there were 26 variations of the R30 Skyline available.

All versions with the exception of the wagon were usually fitted with the four round tail lights that had become a regular feature to the Skyline's design.

The wagon had different tail lights, headlights, and no turbo or six-cylinder versions available. It more closely resembled a Nissan Sunny than a Skyline.

The crease that appeared over the rear wheels beginning with the second generation, referred to as the "surf line", no longer appeared starting with this generation.

The all-new valve DOHC FJ20 engine debuted in late , and was the first four-cylinder engine from any Japanese manufacturer to employ more than two valves per cylinder see below.

Some of the top spec models featured adjustable suspension dampers that could be adjusted while driving, this was another first for mass-produced JDM vehicles.

Nissan Glorias and Laurels also used the L series engines, as well as some diesel Laurel only variants. The R30 range was facelifted in August with various changes across the board; for example four-wheel disc brakes were now standard issue, instead of being optional for lower-spec models.

Features included upgraded interior trim, new front and rear bumpers, door-mounted wing mirrors replacing the old 'hockey stick' fender mirrors , and smoked tail lights.

During the Paul Newman Version R30 was released to commemorate the association between Nissan and the actor Paul Newman , who used to appear in promotional material, as well as race for the company during the lates and earlys.

Export markets also received some larger albeit less powerful engines, in the form of 2. The 2. When entering the South African market in late , Skylines were still sold as Datsuns there.

About a year after being introduced, the Nissan changeover took place. In addition to 2-liter models sedans and liftbacks , the R30 Datsun Skyline was also available with the 2.

Along with the Nissan nameplate the four-door 2. The South African range was lightly facelifted for the model year, with a luxurious 2.

Automatic transmission became available in the GTX Hardtop and also in the top-of-the-line SGLi sedan which was not offered with a manual.

The R30 was replaced by the R31 Skyline in mid Front brakes were also significantly upgraded to cope with the power increase. Nissan sought to elevate the status of the DR30 Skyline as their new flagship model in light of this success, and it received a generous amount of changes to distinguish it from lesser Skyline models in August The headlights were considerably slimmer, and instead of a conventional grille the bonnet now sloped down to two narrow slits above a facelifted front bumper and airdam.

Further enhancements were made for , most notably the addition of an air-to-air intercooler allowing the compression ratio to be increased from 8.

The intercooled model was nicknamed the Turbo C. An automatic transmission option was also added Changes to the "Plasma Spark" ignition system followed in early towards the end of R30 production.

To this day the FJpowered R30 Skyline remains a cult car both at home and overseas there are still dedicated "one make" drag racing events for this model in Japan , and is credited with rejuvenating the Skyline brand in the early s.

It also paved the way for the eventual re-introduction of the legendary GT-R badge, markedly absent since the end of C Skyline production in The DR30 achieved success in Australian touring car racing during the mids.

The factory backed Peter Jackson Nissan Team made its Group A debut in the opening round of the Australian Touring Car Championship , and over the 10 round series, lead driver George Fury would win four of the rounds and it was only unreliability in the first two rounds that cost Fury the title, finishing only 5 points behind the Volvo T of Robbie Francevic.

The R31 Skyline of was a natural evolution on the R30 shape, and also this one was loosely based on the Laurel platform C The design was slightly larger and squarer than previous Skylines.

Affectionately known as the "Seventhsu" or simply "7th Sukairain" by owners, due to it being the 7th-generation Skyline.

The R31 Skyline introduced many new technologies and features. There were three variants. Later versions used ECCS Electronically Concentrated Control System engine management, discarded the twelve tiny runners for six much larger ones though the cylinder heads still retained twelve individual intake ports separated by casting , and received a slightly larger turbocharger.

Nissan's RD28 , a 2. The R31 series were also the only models in the Skyline family to feature a four-door hardtop variation.

These models were generally badged as the Passage GT. The R31 Skyline was also produced in Australia, with a 3. These cars were manufactured in Australia due to the heavy import laws which made it expensive to bring cars into Australia.

These were the last Skylines seen in South Africa. Power came from either the RB30E 3. It was the first Australian Touring Car Championship victory for a Nissan driver after George Fury placed second in and and Glenn Seton gained second position in The R32 Skyline debuted in It was available as either a 2-door coupe or 4-door hardtop sedan, all other bodystyles were dropped.

The R32 featured several versions of the RB-series straight-6 engines, which had improved heads the twelve port inlet was gone and used the ECCS Electronically Concentrated Control System injection system.

Also available was an 1, cc 4-cylinder GXi model. Most models had HICAS four-wheel steering, with the rear wheels being hydraulically linked to the front steering.

The GTS-t came in standard and Type M configurations, with the Type M having larger five-stud inch wheels, four piston front callipers and twin piston rears plus other minor differences.

Nissan also produced Australian models of the R This generation was considered a "compact" under Japanese legislation that determined the amount of tax liability based on exterior dimensions.

The smaller engines were offered so as to provide Japanese buyers the ability to choose which annual road tax obligation they were willing to pay. The station wagon bodystyle was discontinued, and replaced by the Nissan Stagea.

The R32 GT-R was first produced in including prototype cars. The first six Nismos were built in The GT-R had a significantly larger intercooler, larger brakes, and aluminium front guards and bonnet.

Other distinguishing features include flared front and rear wheel arches. More supportive seats were fitted, and the turbo boost gauge and digital clock were removed from inside the instrument cluster.

Oil temp, voltage, and turbo boost gauges were fitted just above the climate control. The chief engineer, Naganori Ito , intended to use the car for Group A racing, so the design specification was drawn up in conjunction with a copy of the Group A rules.

The Nordschleife production car record at the time of development was 8'45" — set by a Porsche Nissan test driver Hiroyoshi Katoh reset the record with a time of 8'20".

This success led to the Australian motoring press nicknaming the car Godzilla due to it being a "monster from Japan".

As Australia was the first export market for the car the name quickly spread. Such was the GT-R's dominance that it was a significant factor in the demise of Group A Touring Car racing, the formula being scrapped soon after.

When originally designed, the homologation rulebook mandated inch wheels, so that's what the GT-R got. This limited the size of the brakes, and the four-piston calipers used by Nissan were not competitive.

The clutch actuation changed from a push to a pull system and the car had a standard mechanical rear differential the electronic rear differential did not show up until the R33 V-Spec.

These vehicles, due to their age do not have to comply with federal emissions or with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

The R33 Skyline was introduced in August Slightly heavier than the R32, it was available in coupe and sedan body configurations. The R33 was the safest of the models with a rating of 3.

All models now used a six-cylinder engine. This computer controlled system was first used on the R32 GT-R. This generation was no longer considered a "compact" under Japanese legislation that determined the amount of tax liability based on exterior dimensions.

As an option, an active limited slip differential was available instead of the standard viscous LSD. This new unit locked the rear differential if it detected that traction was lost by one of the wheels.

A light on the dash also lit up if the LSD engaged. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Nissan introduced a very rare 4-door GT-R.

A common modification on the Stagea is to fit it with an R34 skyline front, in effect making an Rlookalike wagon.

The R33 Skyline Spec 2 continued the concepts introduced in the R Driver and Passenger airbags became standard in As a result, pre models are barred from being imported into various countries for consumer road use as they do not meet the frontal impact standards.

However, in the U. Among the cosmetic changes in the spec 2 were, the headlights which tapered down more towards the grill and were fitted with improved reflectors, the grill which was longer on the Spec 1 , the bonnet which had a re-shaped leading edge to fit the new lights and front bumper changing shape in the smallest amount to match the lower edge of the new headlights.

The R33 ceased production in February with the 40th Anniversary R The previous R32 model was a well proven build, but the R32 wasn't without faults and suffered with uplift and balance issues.

Along with that, Nissan was, as other Japanese companies were, under strict restrictions on power gains. So Nissan had to combat all these areas so the sophisticated strength Programme was made.

Nissan increased the width by about one inch on the R33 to the R32 and made it about 4 inches longer. This gave the R33 a longer wheelbase overall and lower stance mixed with new technology now from the computer aerodynamic age.

Rigidity points were added mixed with improvements on the Attessa and Hicas all now offered the R33 with the best aerodynamics, balance, and handling.

Nissan engineers also found other ways to reduce weight, even by a few grams. This includes: Hollowing out the side door beams.

Using high tensile steel on body panels. Reduction in sound deadening materials. Hollowing out of rear stabilizer bar.

Use of high tensile springs front and rear. Shrinking the ABS actuator. Light aluminum wheels with higher rigidity The front and rear axles were made of aluminum as in the BNR32 , but so were engine mount insulators and brackets.

New plastics were used for: fuel tank, head lamps, super high strength "PP" bumpers, air cleaner, changing the headlining material, changing material of rear spoiler.

All this put together meant we saw an improved time against the R32 of 21 seconds faster around the Nürburgring and 23 seconds faster in V spec trim, still making the R33 the fastest Skyline around the Nürburgring.

The turbo core changed from a sleeve bearing to a ball bearing, but the turbine itself remained ceramic, except on N1 turbos steel turbine, sleeve bearing.

The Skyline GT-R R33 is reported to be the first production car to break 8 minutes, at 7 minutes and 59 seconds.

Other manufacturers had caught up since the R32 was released, and the R33 never dominated motorsport to the extent of the R The R33 saw huge favour in the tuning world with it being a popular model on the Wangan and top tuning companies building heavily tuned version from Top Secret ran by Smokey Nagata to Jun etc.

HKS GT-R would hold a drag series record for several years in there drag series making a record win of 7.

The 4-speed automatic transmission available on some models was retained, and was upgraded with tiptronic -style manual controls.

The 25GT-X was only available as a sedan and included optional extras over the base-model 25GT and 25GT Turbo such as tinted rear windows and pop-up LCD display that replaced the triple cluster on the turbo models.

Another version, the 25GT-V, was a naturally-aspirated variation powered by the RB25DE, came standard with the upgraded 4-piston front and 2-piston rear Sumitomo calipers, limited-slip differential and 17" alloy wheels only found on the turbo models.

In August , the R34 received a facelift which changed the front bumper to a new, sleek design and Xenon headlights were standard across the entire range along with side-airbags built into the driver and passenger outer seat bolsters.

For the interior, pedals were changed from rubber to aluminium while the gear shift knob and steering wheel were now made of genuine leather in a 2-tone design, the latter branded with the Skyline "S" badge as opposed to the Nissan logo.

The centre console and dials now had an iridium-silver appearance; previously they were a gunmetal-grey look. Optional tuning NISMO parts for the R34 included shock absorbers, a variable sports exhaust system, aluminium intercooler, sway bars, oil cooler, and limited slip differential.

The GT-R reappeared in , with a revised chassis and other updates. The R34 turbos received a ball bearing core.

The R34 N1 turbos had a metal exhaust wheel, and ball bearing center section. The turbo outlet pipes were changed from cast to formed metal outlets.

The intercooler outlet side and rear turbo dump pipe had temperature probes fitted in the V-spec models.

The biggest feature and most significant feature to the R34 GT-R that wasn't seen on any other model skyline was the display unit at the top of the dashboard called the MFD Multi Function Display.

This display unit was very significant for the car at its time. This display showed many of the car's engine stats including boost pressure, oil temp, water temp and more.

As a car this kind of technology was very rare and advanced at the time. A Nismo version of the MFD was capable of showing the G-force that the car was under when driving and there was also a lap timer that could be started by a button that was located near the gear lever.

The Nismo MFD also had a DB9 serial connector lead hidden underneath the left passenger side skirt that could be used to transfer driving data from the car to a laptop.

This could only be done with a Japanese version of Windows and Japanese software, which today is very hard to come by. Other features such as the battery being located under the back seat of the car made more room available in the engine bay.

The vehicle went on sale on May 8, The vehicles went on sale on February 26, An importer called Motorex crash-tested an R33, submitted paperwork and certification to the Environmental Protection Agency , and modified others to meet US approval.

Motorex also stopped making the required safety, US-spec gauges and reflectors, etc. After a raid on the company, Motorex was shut down. The government then sent letters to the owners of the disputed cars and made them US legal, since the cars were imported under false pretenses.

Other R34s can be legally imported starting in The V35 was the first Skyline made for export to the United States. There it was sold under the company's luxury brand, Infiniti as the Infiniti G The vehicle went on sale on June 18, It went on sale on September 26, Beginning in , the Skyline sedan was also sold in North America and Europe, where it was marketed as the Infiniti G The V35 broke with previous Skyline tradition - the first generation to offer no straight-six engine , no turbocharger since the R30, and no GT-R version, a decision which extended to all later Skylines until the current generation V37 where a 2.

Nonetheless, as of 1 July two weeks after launch , total domestic Japanese Skyline orders had reached units. It includes a 3.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show. For the design of the radiator grille, headlamp inner panels, and sills were altered.

The interior and mirrors were altered, while the suspension and braking systems were also refined. Also, the Skyline GT went on sale.

It is a version of the Infiniti G35 sport sedan with a six-speed manual transmission for the Japanese market, only available with the 3.

For both coupe and sedans were altered, with updated interiors and improved transmissions. The five-speed automatic transmission on the GT Premium now included synchro rev control, while the 6-speed manual transmission was made to vibrate less.

The front seats received active headrest, while the rear middle seat now have a three-point seat belt as standard. The Skyline's update again included changes to the head and rear lamps, front bumper, and side sill protectors.

Also, inch aluminium alloy wheel became standard for automatic transmission cars. The Skyline Sedan went on sale on November 11, , with an update to the Skyline Coupe beginning in fall It was first available only as a 4-door sedan in Japan and was also sold in the US as the Infiniti G The convertible is not available in Japan.

The Skyline Coupe went on sale on October 2, The 3. The vehicle was unveiled in the Tokyo Motor Show. As of November 28, , sales of the Nissan Skyline sedan reached units.

As of December 18, , sales of the Nissan Skyline sedan reached units. As of October 16, , sales of the Nissan Skyline coupe reached units. As part of the Nissan Skyline's 50th anniversary, information on Nissan Skyline could be found in the PlayStation 3 version of the Gran Turismo video game.

The vehicles went on sale on December 2, Early Coupe models include the GT. Introduced in for the model year, the GT sedan is a Japanese version of the Infiniti G37 sedan.

It replaced the GT sedan. The vehicle was unveiled at Nissan Galleries nationwide beginning on April 18, , [90] [91] [92] and later with all seven body colour variants at Nissan Galleries.

Sales of the Skyline Crossover began on July 13, The revised Skyline Sedan and Coupe went on sale on January 6,

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Skyline Japan Video

Paul Walker Visits Famous Nissan Skyline GT-R Tuner Mine's in Japan

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